Techni draws things, sometimes.

The typical animator/illustrator with too many personal projects. I just wanna draw cute girls.

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Sorry for the radio silence but hey I actually remembered 5/14 this year

This was originally for a comic page I never finished, but my site needed a spring banner and I'm too lazy to make a new one.

Moooore classwork, though probably the last for now. This was part of a set (and originally animated), but here's the only part I was particularly happy with.

I guess I'm just gonna keep writing about coral robots until someone tells me to stop.

D&D seems to be the only thing keeping me drawing outside of classes lately.

Oh man I always kinda tell myself that I'm gonna stop posting school stuff on the internet but I dunno how much I'll have without it

I knocked this out in like an hour to accompany a short story and that's probably gonna be happening a lot this semester

Dream is a brat but I still love her

I haven't actually played Splatoon in months whoops

Some 2hus from last year and I... am only just now realizing how old these are holy heck

Secret Santa gift from an exchange on Discord!

Tiny Praline!

Let's give this place a shot, why don't we.